Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two New Shirts to Share!

I have two new shirt samples to share with you today!

This first one was my very FIRST Life is Good t-shirt! I really waited too long to preserve it - as it has a hole on the image already....but I guess that's OK. It just says how much I love this shirt and I truly did wear it out! This shirt is really meaningful (yes...they all are!) but this one in particular because I signed up to get Life is Good newsletters many years ago and I saw this one in one of the newsletters that came shortly before Mother's day. I have a thing for Clawfoot bathtubs and just bubble baths in particular so when I saw Jake sitting in one - it was an immediate must have! So I forwarded the email on to hubby as a little hint and guess what I got for Mother's Day that year? lol...

I did this a little different - I added the shirt tag to the scalloped circle and made a scalloped background for the image. I wanted it to be a little more soft and feminine since it's pink and to show you some more ideas of the unique ways your t-shirt can be framed. See how worn out it is? This is another one I wore every time it was clean and so it was washed frequently. It does take a long time to wear out one of these t-shirts. They are very well made and they feel like your most favorite comfy shirt from the day you receive it. I just love the feel of them and how easy they are to care for.

Last week my little girl brought a very special t-shirt to me and asked me to frame it for her. I love her sweet little heart and how she wants to help me and be supportive. She's awesome! She exclaimed to me "I can't even get it over my head!" She had obviously outgrown it's size, but loved the image on it and wanted to keep it. That's exactly the spirit of T-Shirt Keepsakes, so I got busy creating a keepsake just for her to hang in her room. We bought this t-shirt for her to wear to spirit day at school for Kindergarten - so this was a very special memory of her first official year of school. Her class won first place that year for having the most spirit during a special day set aside to show school spirit by wearing the school colors of green and white. Now she can hang this up in her room and share that little story with family and friends that come to visit. She has a new shirt this year for spirit days that we'll get to frame after she outgrows it. I hope it's not too soon, though - she is growing up way too fast :o)

I was in a scallop mood still :o) but otherwise kept the design very simple and complimentary to the colors and feel of the t-shirt. It looks a little crooked to me - but I think it's the Monrovia word in the logo -it's a little off. She loves it though and it will look great in her room!

Thank you for visiting today and letting me share some more samples with you. I look forward to designing your T-Shirt keepsake so send me an email today!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dream On! The LIG Special

I'm going to introduce you to my first product offering! This will be called "The Life is Good Special". When you order this, it will entail the custom framing of one LIG t-shirt and will be offered for $25 plus S&H. Shipping will be charged at actual cost to mail directly from me to you. This is my favorite frame - it's an 8X8 square frame, in black - with a slightly distressed edge to it. I think it goes very well with the LIG logo and the distressed appearance of the tee's. This black frame will be standard - but please feel free to request another color and I will see what I can do.

Before I go any further, I want to make sure that I clarify one little thing. I am not framing the entire LIG t-shirt. I am removing the main graphic from the front of the shirt, plus any tags and other graphics and disposing of the rest. Essentially I will be cutting up your shirt and creating a memorable keepsake and an original piece of art. After all - this is done after you have worn the thing out and we don't want a dresser full of stuff we don't wear.

So - this particular LIG t-shirt was a birthday gift from my sister a few years ago. I don't know if she realized what this particular graphic meant to me at the time, but I would like to share my memory with you. When we were little, our parents gave us a beautiful golden retriever/cocker spaniel mixed breed puppy for Christmas. My Mom named her Francesca and we nicknamed her Cheska for short. She was our best friend and if you've ever had a dog as a child, you can imagine that we were inseparable. When she got older, she would lay with us on the living room floor and watch movies with us. We would pop a bowl of popcorn and share it with Cheska. She was very good at catching popcorn on the fly and boy did she love the stuff! After popcorn time was over, she would lay down and I would rest my head on her during the movie. I doubt it was very comfortable for her, but she loved us and she took the job of being the pillow very well. So when my sister gave me this shirt, that memory is the first thing I thought of. Every time this shirt was clean, it was the first one I reached for - and it didn't matter if I had already worn it three times in the same week. (I'm a stay at home Mom, remember - I can get away with that kind of thing!) Needless to say I wore it out very fast. It didn't help that the shirt was white to begin with and I like to use a little bleach in my whites when I wash. LIG specifies on their tags - NO bleach. Not even color safe bleach. You would think as cheif laundress I would know better. Alas, I'm very hard on clothes, especially white shirts! Well, it wasn't going to work just stuffing this shirt in the dresser and forgetting about it. How could I? It means something to me - it's a precious memory and a precious gift from my sister. Cheska has long since passed on and now that this is framed - I can enjoy it and I cherish the memories every day. It's actually very uplifting.

So - the LIG special is here! I used the colors of the clothes Jake is wearing, plus the color of Rocket to choose the colors for framing this graphic and that is what I'll do for your special t-shirt as well. Please feel free to specify what colors you would like to focus on - or you can simply let me choose. I will put as much love into your T-shirt keepsake as I do my own. I want you to be proud to hang your keepsake in your home so I'm not going to make something for you that I wouldn't want in my own home.

When LIG first offered their t-shirts, they didn't have the little extra tag at the bottom hem - so the first one I did for my hubby didn't have this. However, this one did and I LOVE what it says and what it means so I had to find a way to include it. It says "Do what you like. Like what you do". Isn't that the best? I love it! Of course, this one has the signature circle logo attached to my favorite little scalloped circle. I also removed the graphic from the back of the shirt, but couldn't work it into the frame so I used it to make a card.

I kept the same colors in mind so it would match - and this would make a very nice to way to present someone's worn out LIG shirt to them as a gift. Of course, I had to color in some of the black to make it show up. Darn that bleach :o)

Thank you for visiting today and sticking with me to the end of this post! I would love the opportunity to frame your T-shirt and turn something worn out into something new again. Something you can enjoy long after you've worn your favorite t-shirt out. Email me today and let's get started!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The One That Started It All

I wanted to share with you my first ever framed t-shirt. This was hubby's most favorite t-shirt that became too worn out to wear anymore and he didn't just want to throw it away. He bought it several years ago not too long after we met. Isn't it adorable? You can no longer buy this t-shirt from Life is Good, so it is very sentimental and totally irreplaceable. Now we have this hanging in our den where we can enjoy it all the time and our friends and family just love it.

Do you have any t-shirts like this sitting in the bottom of your dresser drawer that you miss wearing? It may be too worn out to wear, but it is perfect to frame! Email me for a quote on preserving your favorite t-shirts today!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to T-Shirt Keepsakes!

HI! This is me and my hubby. We love t-shirts! Our favorite brand is probably Life is Good for their cute images, but we also like many others. In fact, we mostly wear t-shirts and jeans as we love the simplicity and comfort. You know how it is with that, though - you tend to favor certain t-shirts over others and pretty soon, your most favorite ones wear out. What do you do? Do you toss it? Donate it? Stuff it in the bottom of your drawer because you can't wear it,but can't bear to part with it either? I understand how easy it is to develop memories and fondness for those favorite shirts and so we came up with a way to preserve them without losing them forever.

One day, hubby's favorite Life is Good shirt had just had all it could stand and he didn't want to throw it out. It depicted a cute image of their main character Jake sitting by a campfire with a tent in the background. Hubby asked if there was a way I could preserve it and frame it so we could hang it in our den to always be enjoyed because he really liked the image on the shirt. I disappeared into my craft room and later came out with the perfect thing. Later, I went shopping and found a frame and then hubby hung it on the wall in our den where we spend most of our time and now we can enjoy the t-shirt all the time. It has become quite the little conversation starter when family and friends come to visit. They want to know where I bought it and how can they get one. When we tell them it was an old t-shirt, they can't believe it. Since I am a stay at home Mom for our two children and wish to help support our income, we decided to take the next step and offer this service to everyone.

I will be posting the t-shirts I have preserved for my family and for my customers here on this blog. Please email me with a request and I will put together a quote for you. After your quote is approved, I will provide payment information and the address you can send your t-shirt(s) too. Each T-Shirt will be uniquely preserved and framed - ready to hang in your favorite room. What a great conversation starter and a real piece of original art! Don't leave your favorite worn out t-shirts in the bottom of your dresser drawer anymore! Let me make it a memory to share. This would make a great gift and a unique way to even preserve those sweet little shirts we buy for our babies that they eventually outgrow. I believe in holding onto precious things for sentimental reasons, but I want to be able to see them all the time rather than have a box full of stuff. I am really excited about this and am looking forward to creating your perfect T-shirt Keepsake!